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Gary Borger -pastoral and fly fishing speaker

   Jesus Christ became a part of my life when I was very young, but I found ignorance and reliance on rituals so strong in the church of my youth that by age 16 I only tolerated Sunday morning services and other church-related activities. From then until just before my 50th birthday, I attend church, but only on and off again. One Sunday morning in March of 1994, while travelling to a Fly Fishing Show in Maryland, I happened to tune in Kenneth Copeland. He was speaking on “faith,” and what he said spoke directly to me. As a scientist, I knew the value of reading widely, and I’ve now read hundreds of texts on all aspects of a true Christ-centered life. To round out my reading, I took the three-year long correspondence Bible course from Rhema Bible College. I continue to read and to seek out those who truly understand God’s relationship to humanity on both an intellectual and personal level.

          With understanding comes the responsibility to actively share that understanding with others. To that end, I have lectured and written widely on many Biblical topics related to the Christ-centered life. I’ve spoken in churches, offered Bible studies at sports shows, and conducted Bible studies on local, regional, and international bases through literally hundreds of weekly studies published to a wide variety audience members via email and on my web site.

Gary has published many books on the topic of fly fishing…for example the book “Presentations” and recently a book series.

He worked directly with the movie The River Runs Through It.  His son Jason was the casting stand in for the actors.

Gary is a presenter to all of the “Fly Fishing Shows” throughout the country. He has been awarded numerous awards for his contribution to the Fly Fishing World.

Gary is one of the most well-known authors and presenters in the United States.

He throughout his fly fishing life has been instrumental in developing fly rods and other products that we are currently using today.

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